Gender, stories, and symbols

with visual artist Eleni Zervou 

Symbol design and short story workshop on the occasion of the language of traditional weaving

For children 9-13 years old


How do we tell a story through pictures?

What story do the symbols we study want to tell?

What story do a human figure, the wolf’s mouth, a rose, and a wave tell?

On the occasion of a collection of traditional symbols of Tinian weavers, the artist Eleni Zervou introduces the children to a discussion about the symbols and their use and creates with them short stories through new, modern symbols of their own inspiration and creation.

Eleni Zervou (b. Athens, 1994) is a Visual Artist based in London. She completed her BA in Sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University of Istanbul and recently graduated from Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art with the support of I. Latsis Postgraduate Scholarship.Her multidisciplinary practice involves world-making and storytelling via comics, film, installations, and performance.