Hard Disk

Workshop dates: August 25 – September 3, 2021

Workshop hours: 10:00 – 14:00

Workshop manager: Filippos Vassiliou, visual artist

Participants: Adolescents and adults, up to 8 people

Contact email for participation: filibasi@hotmail.com

Marble is one of the first materials used to store information in order to remain unchanged over time. It could possibly be defined as an ancient hard disk. On it, figures and writings were imprinted, a landmark for the evolution of man. Now the information and the recording is done mainly by digital means and the speeds that we communicate the information are frighteningly fast.

The “Hard Disk” is an open, participatory workshop – collective lasting performance , where the human body is confronted with material and time. The public of Tinos is invited to explore a raw volume of marble, using the tools of the art of marble sculpture, as an alternative file for storing information. During the workshop, under the guidance of the artist Filippos Vassilios, concrete and abstract forms will be created, until the complete decomposition of the volume.

The long work of the artist Filippos Vassilios, entitled “Hard Disk: Researching the process of creating a marble statue as a work”, is the imprint of his ongoing research, which was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports in 2020.