International Residency Program FOUR -PLUS ONE- ELEMENTS by Kinono Tinos Art Gathering, 25.04 – 20.05 2022 Tinos, Cyclades


Kinono Tinos Art Gathering is looking for volunteers for the organization of the International Residency Program Four-plus One- Elements” which will take place in Tinos from 25.04 – 20.05 2022.


What is the International Residency Program  FOUR -PLUS ONE- ELEMENTS of Kinono?


From 25.4.2022 to 22.05.2022 Kinono will host in Tinos 14 local and international visual artists, researchers, photographers, geologists, historians, and musicians in order to research and produce original in situ artistic/scientific works-interventions in five different locations of the island with the axis of the four natural elements – earth, water, air, fire – and the element of time (plus one).


Become a member of the Kinono team, and get actively involved in the organization of the Residency Program and the parallel events!


Why volunteer:

-Active participation in artistic and cultural production

-Experience in organizing cultural events

-Participation in the mission of Koinono for the promotion of the natural landscape and the cultural reserve of Tinos

-Acquaintance and work with professionals of art, culture and science

-Participation in all the “exclusive” collective activities of the Residency, such as group tours, discussions, joint meals

-Certificate of participation in the voluntary program


Necessary features:

-Resident of Tinos

-Over 18 years old


Desired features:

-Driving License

-Knowledge of English

-Familiarity with the use of audiovisual media (photo/video)



– Reception of the audiences on the sites that will be activated for

the events of the residency (workshops, performances, exhibitions, etc.)

-Distribution and renewal of the promotional material at the promotion points

– Cooperation with the participants

– Support for the workshops

– Photographic documenting of works-in-progress

– Setting up halls, installations and material equipment for presentations / exhibitions / performances


If you are interested fill in the form here. 


For more information and questions about the Kinono Volunteering Program, contact: