RADIO KOMI 1-7.5.2022

radio komi explores the present and past ecologies of Komi (Tinos island) through radio documentaries, soundscapes and other transmission formats. Deriving inspiration from the village’s rich agricultural production and auditory environment, this internet radio project takes the form of pre-recorded episodes and live transmissions produced on-site in the village of Komi between May 1-7 2022. The station is hosted at Komi’s Centre of Creative Activities for Children (KDAP), and is realized in collaboration with Kinono Tinos Art Gathering and the Local Community of Komi, Skalados, Krokos, Perastra – Tinos Municipality. All programming will be transmitted online through Kinono’s website:

Komi, whose name in Greek means “central village,” is located in the largest and most fertile flatland on the island, and accounts for the majority of Tinos’s agricultural production. In collaboration with village residents and invited contributors, the project initiates conversations on issues such as artichoke cultivation, wine-making, local history, musical traditions and folktales, while also producing soundscapes and other radio formats concerning broader social, historical and artistic resonances of these themes.

Programming has three guiding categories, each of which offer entry points into the radio station’s broader themes of ecology and place: Locations, Recipes, and Songs. “Locations” involve sonic investigations of places in and around the village of Komi; “Recipes” trace the social etymology of culinary and medicinal recipes circulating in the village, while also considering recipes as broader repositories of knowledge; finally, “Songs” explore the island’s sonic landscape, including its traditional songs, and melodies of the natural environment.

The detailed program, including selected public events at the radio station, the town’s main square and other locations, will be announced on Kinono’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) 1-7 May.

Concept / realization: Jacob Moe
Contributors: Koronia-Artemi Makridou, Maria Denekaria, Maria Grypari, Harikleia Hari, Christos Fonsos, Manthos Prelorentzos, Alekos Florakis, Paola Palavidi & Ioannis Koliopoulos (Hypercomf), Margarita Saltamanika, and others.
Collaborators: Christos Fioranitis, Tinos Virtual Museum, AEJAA, Archipelago Network