Rock the Cave

with architects Georgia Manousogiannaki & Irini Vallindra

A kids workshop for the construction of a human nest with organic materials and techniques of Tinos

For elementary school children (and their parents)

In Rock the Cave workshop we will explore architecture through the construction of a wooden nest in the shape of a large pebble. The nest is inspired by the rocks found in the Kakia Skala area and its shape will make us think and talk about the curved rock formations that we find in various parts of Tinos.

Working groups will be formed to assemble the wooden construction, and then we will collect local organic materials to cover the open surfaces of the nest and decorate it. We will experiment with various construction methods and building techniques that mimic the landscape, and which are associated with local tradition, such as the weaving of reeds.

The aim is to collectively compose an architectural work that shares elements from the nature and tradition of Tinos and to enrich it with the children’s games and stories.