Thalassa Quarry

Thalassa Quarry is an original site-specific performance at the eponymous Quarry of Tinos, which will emerge through a five-day participatory workshop (17.05.2022 -21.05.2022) under the guidance of Andreas Levisianos, Dimitra Kandia, and Marilena Katranidou.

The topography of the Quarry, part of the Koumelas Quarries, becomes a musical and stage score, exploring the natural and symbolic characteristics of the marble.

The performance is a landscape composition: it composes the sounds of marble as a natural material in the quarry, the sounds of marble when sculpted by craftsmen, the interpretation of its sound and symbolic features by acoustic instruments, voices, and narrative speech, and the sounds of the bio-soundscape.

The workshop is addressed to marble artists, marble students, singers, vocal ensembles, performers, and dancers. Participants interact acoustically and kinetically based on specific rhythmic, melodic, and directing instructions, composing a descent ritual at the individual levels of the Sea Quarry.

The integration of the participants takes the form of daily on-site preparation workshops (residency) between 17-21 May in Tinos, which will lead to the final presentation of the performance at the Thalassa Quarry, on Sunday 22 May 2022.


Deadline for expression of interest: May 10, 2022#

Maximum number of entries: 15 people

Estimated daily preparation time: 5 hours

Participation is eligible for people over 18 years old, due to the distinctiveness of the soil.

For more information and expression of interest:

Music Composition / Conduct: Andreas Levisianos

Concept / Text / Voice design: Dimitra Kandia

Directed by: Marilena Katranidou

Co-production / Streaming: aejaa – online performance space 

Production: ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ Tinos Art Gathering


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